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ResWare User Group

Mission Statement

The ResWare User Group is a group of individuals interested in sharing ideas, enhancing user skills, building knowledge of the industry changes, software development, support, effective training, continuing dialog among members and vendors, and influencing the direction of Adeptive and related products and services.

Scope of Activities

  1. Promote and maintain open communication among the global ResWare User Group.
  2. Provide a coordinated effort for the purpose of communicating requirements, interests and problems within the ResWare User Group.
  3. Provide technical information (through blogs, whiteboards, etc.) on topics related to the ResWare User Group.
  4. Promote and support working relationships in an effort to provide assistance to members of the ResWare User Group.
  5. Operate as a source for the exchange of information relative to the ResWare User Group.
  6. Encourage membership to enhance the development of information gathered/shared with the ResWare User Group. 


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